How To Maintain Bathroom Privacy Without Blocking Light

bathroom privacy

photo credit: @nadyeldems accessed 08/20/20 via CC0

Bathroom windows can pose a difficult design challenge. Bathrooms are often small, making natural light essential for creating a more expansive feel to the room. But, of course, privacy is essential in the bathroom. What blinds and window coverings are the best for creating bathroom privacy while allowing the maximum amount of natural light into the room? We’ll share an overview below.



For a bathroom, we recommend a top-down, bottom-up honeycomb blind. The top portion allows light to enter the room, while the bottom portion maintains privacy, making this the perfect window treatment for a bathroom.


Similar to blinds, shutters can be opened and closed as needed. Depending on the size and shape of the window and the placement of the shutters, they may be a better option for allowing in natural light.

Roller Shades

Mounting a roller shade at the top of a window allows for privacy when a bathroom is in use, and full natural light from a window at other times. When the shade is pulled down, it will filter natural light, brightening the room while ensuring privacy. Roller shades can be mounted discreetly without taking up much space or blocking light. This makes them a good choice for small bathrooms.

Faux Wood Blinds

Most faux wood blinds have anti-microbial properties which help them to remain stable in moist or humid conditions. When the slats are tilted upward at about 45 degrees, the light hits the ceiling and is distributed throughout the room while maintaining privacy.


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