6 Things to Consider When Choosing Window Blinds

Blinds, curtains and window treatments are an easy and affordable way to infuse personal style and visual interest into a room. Can’t afford to remodel your kitchen? Don’t have time to paint? New blinds can make your space feel fresh and new. But if you’re considering new window treatments, the options can be overwhelming. Blind Installation & Repair is here to help! Here are a few things to consider when you’re choosing new window blinds.

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What to Consider When Choosing Window Blinds

what to consider when choosing window blinds


Before selecting materials for your window treatments, consider what will happen around them. Are you choosing blinds for the kitchen, where they’re likely to get splashed with water or food? Do you need steam-resistant blinds for a bathroom?


Privacy and Light

To test whether your window treatments provide you with the privacy you desire, turn on your lights in the evening and go outside. This will show you what others see when your lights are on at night. To maintain privacy while still allowing in light, consider shades made of light-filtering or woven material, sheer curtain panels, or top-down, bottom-up blinds. Alternately, if you need complete darkness, consider room-darkening shades or blinds.



Is your window standard-sized or a unique shape? Is it high up, or otherwise difficult to reach? These factors will determine not only the size and style of your window treatments, but also some of the logistical details, such as corded vs. cordless blinds.


Color and Design

Window coverings are a fun and accessible way to insert your personal style into a room. There are hundreds of different fabric and color combinations to choose from. Your Blind Repair & Installation designer can help you find the options you’re looking for!



If you have small children, pets, or vulnerable adults in your home, consider cordless or smart blinds. This will remove any risk of injury or death from blind cords, and give you peace of mind.



Of course, the amount that you’re able and willing to spend on window treatments will play a major role in your decision. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll help you find blinds to fit your budget!


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