A New Way to Clean Windows

If you have dirty or streaky glass, that’s the first thing anyone will see when they look at your windows, no matter what your blinds, curtains or window coverings look like. But it can be tough to clean windows well! If you’re plagued by streaky windows, continue reading for an effective new method for cleaning windows, courtesy of House Beautiful.

modern table and chairs - clean windows

photo credit: @fotoaibe accessed 10/6/20 via CC0

The Secret Tool for Streak-Free Glass

If you’ve always used paper towels or rags to clean your windows, try this inexpensive solution: packing paper! This is a cost-effective option that doesn’t leave behind streaks, lint or residue.

What You’ll Need:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Glass scraper tool
  • Spray bottle with mix of dishwashing soap and water
  • Lint-free rag or towel
  • Packing paper

How to Clean Windows

  1. Remove and vacuum screens as needed. Vacuum dust and dirt from the windowpane and any grooves or spaces.
  2. If the window is especially dirty, spray the dishwashing liquid and water mixture onto the window, and wipe dry with a towel or rag.
  3. Use the glass scraper to remove stuck-on dirt or debris.
  4. Starting at the top of the window, spray each pane with glass cleaner and wipe with packing paper sheets. If you’re cleaning both sides of the window, clean the top of both the outside and inside, then the bottom in the same order.
  5. Enjoy the view through your streak-free window!

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