The Benefits of Automated Shades

In addition to style and aesthetic appeal, window treatments are highly functional. They block the view from outside, of course, but can also help manage indoor temperature and keep the home safer. However, raising and lowering blinds multiple times a day can get to be a time-consuming task. This is where motorized or automated shades can make a big difference in your home – and your schedule.

The Benefits of Automated Shades

There are many benefits of motorized window blinds or shades. Here are just a few.

automated shades

Make Hard-to-Reach Windows More Accessible

If you have windows that are high, behind furniture, or in other hard-to-reach spots, motorized blinds allow you to have functional window coverings.

Light and Temperature Control

Insulating window treatments can help minimize the heat gain and loss through your windows. Automating the blinds can increase energy efficiency.

Better Health Through Light Management

Exposure to natural light is important to health, but UV rays can cause damage, even when you’re indoors. Setting automated shades to move with the light of the sun can give you the benefit of light without exposing you to harmful UV rays.

Easy to Manage

Automated blinds can be managed through a home automation system, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. You can also program them on a schedule and manage them from your smartphone.

A Safer Home

Because automated shades can be managed from afar, you can raise and lower them at any time. When you go on a trip, you can keep would-be thieves from knowing you’re not home by raising and lowering blinds on your normal schedule.


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