Blind Cord Safety Tips for 2021

February is Blind Cord Safety Awareness Month. This month is the perfect time to evaluate the risk of blind cord accidents in your home – and take action to minimize those risks.

Blind cords are standard in many households and businesses, and yet, their potential to cause serious harm is largely underestimated. It can take just a few seconds for a child or vulnerable adult to become entangled in a cord, causing serious injury or even death. Blind cords also pose risks to pets. Cats, especially, love to play with cords, and can easily get caught in them.

blind cord safety

photo credit: @stocksnap-894430 accessed 2/6/21 via CC0

The good news: it’s easy to make your windows safer! Here are a few tips from Parents for Window Blind Safety on reducing the risk of blind cord accidents in your home, daycare, or other business.

Install Cordless Blinds

The most impactful thing you can do to make your windows safer is to get rid of corded blinds and window coverings altogether. If budget is a concern, see the next tip.

When Installing Cordless Window Coverings, Start in Kids’ Rooms

Switching from corded blinds to cordless can be a big investment. If you don’t have the budget to replace all of the window coverings in your home, start with children’s bedrooms, playrooms, and other rooms frequented by kids, pets, or vulnerable adults.

Move Furniture Away from Windows and Cords

Kids love to climb. Move beds, couches and other furniture away from windows with blind cords – or windows altogether – to minimize the risk of blind cord accidents.

Take Action to Prevent Falls

While this doesn’t necessarily pertain to child safe window coverings or blind cords, it’s still an important aspect of child window safety. Small children can easily fall out windows. By installing window stops and guards that prevent falls, you’ll be avoiding more preventable injuries to kids or pets.

At Blind Installation and Repair, we’re passionate about making windows safer for kids and families. We offer free blind safety audits. We’ll come to your home to make sure your window coverings are up to code and safe for children, pets and vulnerable adults. Contact us to schedule a safety audit today!


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