Blind Installation & Repair Offers Blind Cleaning Services

Although cleaning your blinds or window treatments can be a tedious task, it’s important to do regularly. Not only will this make your blinds look better, but it can also extend their life. In addition, regular blind cleaning can improve the air quality in your home.

Don’t have time to clean your blinds? With our new blind cleaning services, Blind Installation & Repair can take this task off your to-do list!

Blind Cleaning Services

Our Blind Cleaning Process

Our process is pretty simple. We dip window treatments into a large ultrasonic cleaning tub, then transfer them to a second tub for rinsing. Then, they are hung to dry. The process generally takes a couple of days.

We have a specialized and experienced blind cleaning team that has perfected this process over many years. You can rest assured that your window treatments will not be damaged during cleaning – and will come out looking better than ever!


How Often Should Blinds Be Cleaned?

Most window covering manufacturers recommend cleaning window treatments every 5 years. More frequent cleaning may be necessary for blinds that cover open windows, or that are near spatter-prone spots such as kitchen sinks.


Save Money by Combining Blind Cleaning with a Repair

Bringing your blinds in for repair? Add a cleaning for a discounted price! Contact us for a free quote.

Got dusty or dirty window coverings? Call Blind Installation and Repair! With nearly three decades of experience, we can help you find a solution. Contact us to get started.


Blind Installation and Repair is your one-stop shop for window coverings in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. In addition to installation of new blinds, we make blind repairs and offer design consultations and direct blind sales. Through our Just One safety campaign, we educate homeowners and business on the dangers of blind cords to children, pets and vulnerable adults.

Whatever your window covering needs, our experienced blind installers and repair team are ready to help. Request a quote today!