Should You Choose an Inside or Outside Blind Mount?

After you’ve chosen new window coverings and scheduled the installation, you may think that your decision-making process is done. Unfortunately, there’s still one more important thing to decide: should you choose an inside or outside mount? This seemingly simple question can be a tricky one to answer, so we’re sharing a few tips to help you choose.



What to Know When Deciding Where to Mount Blinds

There are pros and cons to both inside and outside mounts, and important considerations for each. If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Schedule a free consultation with one of our window covering experts.


The Pros and Cons of Inside Blind Mounts

According to Hunter Douglas, the most common place to mount blinds is inside the window casing. This creates a clean look that doesn’t take up additional space in a room. It’s also a good choice if you don’t want to cover window trim, or if you plan to hang curtains in front of the blinds.

Inside mounts won’t work if there isn’t enough depth between the glass and the end of the casing. In addition, obstructions such as handles, locks or cranks will prevent blinds from hanging properly.

A few other things to consider: there will be a small light gap on either side of the shades. If this will be a problem, choose light-blocking shades or switch to an outside mount. Also, when blinds are fully raised, the stack at the top will block that part of the window.


The Pros and Cons of Outside Blind Mounts

The main benefit of an outside mount is its flexibility. When you mount a blind outside the window frame, it can extend above, below or beyond the sides of the window. This is great for hiding unsightly trim, making a window seem larger, or fitting an oddly-shaped window.

In addition, an outside mount will block more light, and won’t be obstructed by window hardware. But there are downfalls: because window frames help to protect blinds, your window treatments will be more subject to damage. And if you have a tight space or thick trim, finding space for an outside mount may be challenging.


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