How to Choose Blinds for your Home Office

After working from home for the better part of two years, we know what makes remote work good – and what makes it challenging. Whether you work from a serene home office or from the kitchen table, there are ways to make your remote work setup more conducive to productivity. One of those ways is controlling the lighting, temperature and overall ambience through blinds, shades or other window treatments.


How Window Treatments Can Improve Your Home Office

According to Hunter Douglas, window treatments play three important roles in a home office:

  1. Reduce Glare
  2. Increase Comfort
  3. Minimize Distraction


How to Choose Window Treatments for Your Remote Workspace

The type of blinds you choose will ultimately be determined by your needs. (Not sure what, exactly, you need? We can help! Request a free design consultation today.)

For example, if glare is a major concern, consider a roller shade. This versatile window treatment allows you to customize the light control in your home office, with options ranging from light-filtering sheers to room-darkening opaques. You can even add top-down functionality to maximize natural light without the distracting glare.

If your home office is in a basement, attic, or other space with less-than-ideal temperature control, consider a honeycomb shade. This cellular shade traps air at the window, creating an extra layer of insulation to keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You can even add top-down functionality to maintain natural light.

Whether your workspace looks out on a busy street or a lush backyard, it can be difficult to get work done when you’re distracted by the view. A sheer window treatment can minimize distraction while still allowing filtered light to brighten your space.


Make Your Window Treatments More Convenient

When you’re focusing on a task or on an important meeting, standing to adjust the window treatments can interrupt your flow. Automated or smart blinds allow you to put your shades on a schedule or operate them with a device or even your voice!

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