How to Fix a Bent or Broken Blind Slat

When window coverings have minor damage, such as a bent or broken blind slat, it’s often possible to make the necessary repairs at home. However, for more extensive issues, give Blind Installation & Repair a call! We’re here to help with any blind repair or blind cleaning need.

For those more minor issues, we’re sharing guidance on how to make DIY blind repairs.

How to Repair Bent or Broken Blind Slats

Issue: Bent Blind Slat

The most difficult aspect of this repair is finding a new slat to replace the damaged one. If you have an extra slat, use that. If not, take a slat from the bottom of the blinds.

Use a screwdriver to remove the plugs that hold the lift strings. Carefully untie the knot and remove the string. Then, remove the broken slat and insert the replacement. Rethread the string and tie the sides evenly, then use a hammer or mallet to secure the plugs.


Issue: Broken Vertical Blind Slat

Vertical blinds often cover doors and windows in high-traffic areas. As a result of that heavy use, slats tear and fall off more frequently, leaving a hole at the top. Blind Installation & Repair carries an inexpensive product called a “vane saver,” which slips over the top of the vane, reinforcing the original hole and allowing the slat to be rehung. Give us a call at (763) 586-0109 to order yours!


If you get stuck making window blind repairs, contact us! We offer blind repair services for most products and brands in use today, including Hunter Douglas. And if we determine that a blind can’t be fixed, we can help you buy and install new blinds.

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