How to Keep Blinds Clean

On our blog, we’ve shared tips and tricks on how to clean window blinds safely and easily. But once your blinds are clean, how can you make sure they stay that way? We have a few tips on how to keep blinds clean – and clean them less often.

How to Keep Blinds Clean

Once you’ve fully cleaned your window blinds, follow these easy steps to keep them cleaner for longer.

how to keep blinds clean

photo credit: @kellysikkema accessed 5/5/21 via CC0

Block Dust with a Dryer Sheet

Take a used dryer sheet and run it over the blind slats. This will help to repel dust and keep it from settling on the blinds.

Open Blinds Before Opening Windows

Before opening the windows, open your blinds or raise them all the way up. This will help keep dust and dirt from settling on the blind slats.

Change the Furnace Filter Regularly

When you run the furnace and air conditioning, dirt, dust and hair is blown around the house with quite a bit of force. Open windows also introduce additional debris into the home. Change your furnace filter at least every three months, or as often as is recommended by your furnace or filter manufacturer. This will reduce the amount of debris that is moving through your home.

Clean Air Ducts as Needed

While changing the air filter, use a flashlight to look into your air ducts. If you see any buildup on the duct walls, it may be a good idea to schedule a duct cleaning. Clean air duct walls can lower the amount of dust that travels through the air.

Keep Your Home Clean

Vacuuming and dusting regularly will also minimize dust, dirt and debris in your home. Although these cleaning tasks are time consuming, they’re usually easier than cleaning the blinds!

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