How to Remove Wood Blinds

Need to remove wood blinds for cleaning or repair? Watch this video for step by step instructions.


We have a two inch wood blind we're going to take down.

First thing we're going to do is rotate the slats flat. We're going to raise the blind up.

The next step is the valance. There's going to be a lot of varieties as far as the clips go.

For this one, you simply pull down and rotate out and lift off.

You're trying to get these little clips to flex enough to get the valance out.

Next, you have to open up one of the side doors. There's a door here and a door here.

You can use a flat blade screwdriver, push up, pry at the same time. We're going to pop that door open.

Once the door is open you can slide that shade out, and take the wood blind out.