Window Coverings for Hard-to-Fit Windows

Do you have an oddly shaped window? Are any of your windows in a high space or a tight corner? This is common, especially in older and custom homes. It can be challenging to find window coverings that fit unconventional shapes and spaces. Here are a few tips on finding blinds for hard-to-fit windows.

Finding the Right Blinds for Hard-to-Fit Windows



Arched or Sloped Windows

Add blinds or shades from the horizontal point down, leaving the arch or slope bare. If you need window coverings for light blockage or energy efficiency, there are custom options available in honeycomb blinds or shutters. Contact us to discuss your options.


Like any other window, roller shades can be mounted to a skylight frame. Consider motorized or smart blinds that allow you to open or close the blinds from ground level.



Corner Windows

When windows meet at the corner with little or no space between, consider mounting tracks on the ceiling or above the window frame. The window treatment should then open on the outer edges of each window. You could also choose roller shades that are mounted inside the window frame.

Casement Windows

If casement windows open outward, blinds or curtains can be mounted inside the frame. If the window opens into the room, you can mount coverings above the windows, ensuring they clear the window openings. You could also choose top-down, bottom-up blind options.


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